Why You Should Hold Staff Lunches

If you’re running a business, then we know that you’re always looking for ways to boost productivity, build your team’s morale and intimacy, and encourage your staff to talk and work together. Here at Catering Yorkshire, we think that throwing a staff lunch is a brilliant way of bringing your team together, giving them something to look forward to, and encouraging your staff to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Lunch is one of the most important parts of the working day. It gives people a chance to get away from their desk, get some fresh air, and talk to people in a more relaxed environment. We provide corporate catering in Leeds and the surrounding areas, and we’ve catered for a lot of staff lunches over the years. These events are always a great success and help to bring a team together. Here are some of the reasons that we think it’s a great idea to hold staff lunches!

It’s great for team building and morale

Things can move incredibly fast in a business environment. Most work-places are high-pressure and high-intensity areas, making it difficult to find the time to bond with your staff and with each other. Creating a time and place where everyone is encouraged to relax together without the professional constraints of the daily grind is incredibly valuable. 

Maybe even go a step further and ban work talk at the lunch. A staff lunch can make sure that people are talking, socialising, and getting to know each other without worrying about work. Plus, with excellent corporate catering services and professional food on offer, people are going to have a great time, helping to raise morale for the days and weeks ahead! 

It helps your staff collaborate and communicate

There’s a lot to suggest that teams who eat together work better together. Sharing a meal is still an intimate activity and helps to improve personal bonding. Eating boost relationships and helps your team get to know each other on a more personal level – talking about their interests and hobbies rather than work gets people socialising. That kind of intimacy will become reflected in the work they do together. 

Surveys show that getting your team away from their desks for some face to face time improves the way in which they communicate and collaborate when it comes to the work they do. The better your team understands one another personally, the more effective they are going to be at functioning as a unit. 

It gives a boost to productivity

Everyone needs a break from their work. That’s why lunch is so important, and by throwing a staff lunch with professional corporate catering, you can make the absolute most of this time for your business. We’ve all seen people eating their food at their desks, even though we know this isn’t healthy. Overworking leads to burnout, which doesn’t help anyone. 

You want to create a positive work culture around your business. The happier people are at work, the better their work is going to be. By boosting team bonding and morale and treating your employees with appreciation, they’re going to go back to work feeling good about their employer! 

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