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A wedding day is truly a special day. It’s a day that brings together family and friends, and perhaps it is a rare opportunity that everyone is together and in good spirits. When it comes to the theme, some couples opt for a formal affair, with traditional black-tie and a sit down fine-dining experience, whereas some go for a more casual and rustic experience. Weddings can come in all shapes, sizes and locations: you may be having an intimate rooftop wedding overlooking Leeds, a large wedding in the grounds of one of Yorkshire’s stately homes, or perhaps hosting in a tipi in the Great Outdoors. One thing weddings do have in common though is good times, good company and good food.

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When you’re holding a corporate event, you know that you’ve got a big opportunity to impress your attendees. Whether you have invited potential partners and clients or are simply holding an event for your employees and team members, you may be wondering how best to leave people with a great impression of you and your business. Here at Catering Yorkshire, we are firm believers that with high-quality and bespoke catering services, you can elevate your event to the next level. 

Food is always a talking point at corporate events. It’s an ice breaker and a centre piece that helps people to relax and connect with one another in an otherwise formal setting. You can set a great tone and atmosphere at your event with excellent food and fresh food on offer. After all, you’d much rather people came together to talk about how great the food and, by extension, the event is, rather than complaining about it! 

We Are Corporate Caterers You Can Trust

When you hire a professional company to deliver your event food, they will essentially be acting as a company representative. That’s why it’s so important to have a corporate caterer you can trust. Fortunately, here at Catering Yorkshire, we have years of experience providing excellent and professional catering for conferences, galas, and other business events in Leeds and the surrounding area.

Whether you’re looking at your business party catering options for an event in Leeds city centre, or you want outside catering with a bespoke menu anywhere else in West Yorkshire, we are here to provide you with what you need. Over our years of professional catering experience, we’ve been trusted by businesses and independent venues across the Leeds area with providing a consistent and exceptional service. 

When organising an event, it’s easy to find yourself lacking the time and energy to give every part of the planning process the attention it needs. So why not delegate the organisation of your catering to professionals who know what they’re doing? Catering Yorkshire are here to take things off your hands, alleviate stress, and give you more time to concentrate on the other aspects of your event. 

The entire Catering Yorkshire team can boast a great deal of experience providing luxury catering services for corporate events. Not only this, but we are also well experienced in providing wedding catering, memoriam catering, organising catering consultancy, and more. This gives our team the insight and expertise needed to handle events of all sizes and specific requirements. We are all trained in corporate hospitality because our dedication extends beyond just providing you with great food – we’re here to ensure your event benefits from amazing service and gorgeous presentation as well. Our friendly and approachable staff will deliver a high quality food service for corporate event catering of any kind. 

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Interested? Catering Yorkshire is trusted across Leeds and West Yorkshire with providing corporate catering to an extremely high and professional standard. Please get in touch with us today to discover how our gorgeous food and amazing service can make the difference to your event! 

If you’re holding a buffet, conference or gala corporate event, then you already know how important the food is going to be to impressing your attendees. When you’re inviting clients and partners to an event, you want them to leave impressed and with good things to say about your organisation. A corporate event is a chance to not just impress your guests, but to also spread great word of mouth, earning you business and increasing your brand awareness. 

Treating your high-class corporate guests to a good time, whether it be a working lunch, a gala, conference, or other corporate events, delivering delicious and nutritious food that they’ll remember is no easy task. This is where we think that corporate catering comes in. Here at Catering Yorkshire, we’ve provided corporate catering in Leeds and the surrounding area for years now, and we’ve seen many events be elevated by high-quality catering and the amazing reaction it gets from attendees. 

In fact, corporate caterers will help with the planning and menu, preparing for the entire process from food preparation all the way to clearing everything up at the end. Hiring professional corporate caterers gives you one less thing to worry about when planning an event because you know your food is in good hands. Here are some of the reasons that we think caterers make a difference to your corporate event. 

Professionalism that shows

If you’ve got a professional and quality catering company present during your event, it’s going to look impressive to everyone who’s there. If you’re hosting a corporate event then you’re wanting to impress your clients and partners – looking professional is a great way of achieving this. 

We think that the presence of a catering company and great food is a brilliant way of showing your attendees that you don’t take half-measures and you’re willing to go the extra mile to do things properly. 

When you choose Catering Yorkshire for your corporate catering in Leeds and the surrounding area, you’ll benefit from a catering team that is fully hospitality-trained. We deliver food that not only tastes great but looks amazing too. We’ll put on a spread that your guests will remember. 

Save yourself time and stress

The more tasks you’re able to delegate to your caterer, the fewer you’re going to have to worry about yourself. All the small details like planning and delivering a menu, arranging tables and cutlery, and clearing the space up afterwards are all handled by corporate caterers. There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning an event, and stress can run high. Why wouldn’t you want to put a good chunk of those small tasks into hands you can trust? 

A more flexible menu

Professional caterers have a lot of experience catering for different special dietary requirements. If you’re trying to plan and organise a menu yourself, it’s easy to overlook the fact that the chances are very high that you’ll be hosting a guest who has particular needs and who can’t eat certain foods. 

When it comes to planning and delivering a comprehensive menu that covers any need for Halal, Kosher, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, allergen-free, and other specific options, a professional caterer will be able to provide what you need. Not fulfilling a guest’s dietary restrictions can really put a dampener on your event. 

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Do you want professional and trusted catering for your corporate event? You’ve come to the right place! Please get in touch with us here at Catering Yorkshire to discover how we can help you make the most of your event with amazing food and presentation. 

If you’re running a business, then we know that you’re always looking for ways to boost productivity, build your team’s morale and intimacy, and encourage your staff to talk and work together. Here at Catering Yorkshire, we think that throwing a staff lunch is a brilliant way of bringing your team together, giving them something to look forward to, and encouraging your staff to get to know each other on a more personal level.

Lunch is one of the most important parts of the working day. It gives people a chance to get away from their desk, get some fresh air, and talk to people in a more relaxed environment. We provide corporate catering in Leeds and the surrounding areas, and we’ve catered for a lot of staff lunches over the years. These events are always a great success and help to bring a team together. Here are some of the reasons that we think it’s a great idea to hold staff lunches!

It’s great for team building and morale

Things can move incredibly fast in a business environment. Most work-places are high-pressure and high-intensity areas, making it difficult to find the time to bond with your staff and with each other. Creating a time and place where everyone is encouraged to relax together without the professional constraints of the daily grind is incredibly valuable. 

Maybe even go a step further and ban work talk at the lunch. A staff lunch can make sure that people are talking, socialising, and getting to know each other without worrying about work. Plus, with excellent corporate catering services and professional food on offer, people are going to have a great time, helping to raise morale for the days and weeks ahead! 

It helps your staff collaborate and communicate

There’s a lot to suggest that teams who eat together work better together. Sharing a meal is still an intimate activity and helps to improve personal bonding. Eating boost relationships and helps your team get to know each other on a more personal level – talking about their interests and hobbies rather than work gets people socialising. That kind of intimacy will become reflected in the work they do together. 

Surveys show that getting your team away from their desks for some face to face time improves the way in which they communicate and collaborate when it comes to the work they do. The better your team understands one another personally, the more effective they are going to be at functioning as a unit. 

It gives a boost to productivity

Everyone needs a break from their work. That’s why lunch is so important, and by throwing a staff lunch with professional corporate catering, you can make the absolute most of this time for your business. We’ve all seen people eating their food at their desks, even though we know this isn’t healthy. Overworking leads to burnout, which doesn’t help anyone. 

You want to create a positive work culture around your business. The happier people are at work, the better their work is going to be. By boosting team bonding and morale and treating your employees with appreciation, they’re going to go back to work feeling good about their employer! 

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Are you interested in treating your personnel to a high-quality staff lunch? Here at Catering Yorkshire, we provide professional corporate catering in Leeds and the surrounding area. Just get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you make the absolute most out of lunchtime with your staff! 

Why Is Corporate Catering Important?

Are you planning on holding a corporate event? Business events used to be stuffy, boring affairs. These days, there’s a bit more to them than that. When people agree to attend a conference, networking event or other corporate event, they expect a bit of a more lavish experience. From the setting and the presentation, to the food and drink, everything has to have a bit of time and care taken over it. 

We think that corporate catering is a fantastic way to ensure that your event goes down a treat. Conferences and other business events can be long, all-day affairs – if your food and drink is of a poor quality, people are going to become frustrated and unhappy. Here at Catering Yorkshire, we’ve got a lot of experience in delivering corporate catering that keep attendees engaged, satisfied and delighted. 

You’re trying to get people to communicate, cooperate and coordinate. If people are going to be doing this for a long time they’re going to feel neglected if all they have to eat and drink are stale sarnies and weak coffee. This can lead to a lack of interest, loss of productivity and general discontent. 

Good food can go a long way to winning people over and giving them a good time. From office tea parties, to big private functions and conferences, business events can be massively improved by top quality corporate catering. 

Make A Good First Impression

When your company hosts a corporate event, you want all your attendees to leave thoroughly impressed and with a great impression of your company. By getting great corporate catering, you can help elevate your event, build a great atmosphere around your company, and impress potential clients and partners. 

By putting on a wonderful spread for your attendees to enjoy, you can help to elevate the experience and leave the best impression possible. Forget the standard muffins and cookies and hire a corporate caterer to deliver you tasty, nutritious and colourful food! 

Convenience And Time

Organising a corporate event can be stressful and time consuming. Why not hire professional caterers to take a weight off your shoulders and give you time to think about the other parts of your event? All the little details like menu planning, laying cutlery and the tables, and clearing up at the end are all handled by your catering company. 

By hiring corporate catering, you can get some peace of mind, knowing that your catering has been delegated to someone you can trust to do a professional job. This lets you focus elsewhere and make the most of your business event. You won’t have to do the shopping, prep, serving and cleaning – corporate catering takes all these off your hands. This means you have more time to make your event better, and spend more time networking and enjoying the event on the day. 

Add Some Variety

Your hired corporate catering are going to be fully trained professionals, all experienced in preparing, serving and presenting fantastic food. They can prepare you varied foods, catering to a variety of tastes and dietary requirements. Even if all you want is are high standard finger buffets, or an elegant and luxurious tasting menu for a wonderful lunch, professional corporate catering can help you deliver a variety of foods for a wide range of tastes. 

Perhaps your meeting has a certain theme that you’d like the food to adhere to? Or perhaps you’d like to serve food that’s representative of a particular culture or country? Corporate catering can take your requests and craft a professional menu tailored to your guests. If you have attendees who are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or have other special dietary requirements, they can be catered for. 

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Are you planning a conference, business lunch, gala, or any other corporate event? Here at Catering Yorkshire, we provide high quality catering here in Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire area. Please get in touch with us today to discover how Catering Yorkshire can help transform and elevate your event with corporate catering to amaze your attendees.