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A wedding day is truly a special day. It’s a day that brings together family and friends, and perhaps it is a rare opportunity that everyone is together and in good spirits. When it comes to the theme, some couples opt for a formal affair, with traditional black-tie and a sit down fine-dining experience, whereas some go for a more casual and rustic experience. Weddings can come in all shapes, sizes and locations: you may be having an intimate rooftop wedding overlooking Leeds, a large wedding in the grounds of one of Yorkshire’s stately homes, or perhaps hosting in a tipi in the Great Outdoors. One thing weddings do have in common though is good times, good company and good food.

Our goal is to add more personality and creative flair to your day. Arguably the main takeaways from a wedding are, of course, the happy couple, the outfits, a family member’s bad dancing and the food, whether it’s amazing, mediocre or bad. Food is the key to the heart, and so it’s important to find the perfect key for your wedding.

At Catering Yorkshire, we are always changing up and expanding our menus to make your wedding day extra special. We believe it’s all about choices when it comes to creating the perfect menu for the day. We want to provide a menu that fits with the modern wedding – bespoke and relaxed. Our sharing platters and more casual menus are a great way to break the ice and encourage conversation to spark over dinner.

Yorkshire Style Catering

Based in Leeds, we provide the whole of Yorkshire with extra special catering services infused with our own Yorkshire twist, providing your menu with the personality you’re looking for. We want to help make your day as perfect as possible, so together, we can design and sample your menu so that you’re happy it’s going to fit in perfectly with your day. All our menus are bespoke because as well as our personality, it’s more important for your personality to shine through. We love Yorkshire and so we strive to help in creating the best Yorkshire weddings, letting them be homegrown and beautiful.

Something for Everyone

We really do cater for everyone, as we know there’s nothing worse than attending a wedding and only being able to eat the side salad. Our sharing platters provide comfort, flavour punches, something more exotic, something for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, flexitarians, and those who are simply Yorkshire born – knowing what we like and liking what we know. The beauty of bespoke catering is that you’re not set to one taste, you can have mini yorkshire puddings filled with beef and beer onion chutney to contrast with sweetcorn and courgette fritters with tomato lime salsa.

Do you fancy traditional fish and chips with Yorkshire tea served on vintage crockery? Thinking more BBQ/Farm Stall? Sandwiches and good old-fashioned cream teas? Leave it to us, we’ve got you. We’re experts at defying the traditional conventions, the detail in weddings are becoming more and more personalised, relaxed and non-traditional occasions continue to be on the rise.

Day to Night

In case we hadn’t mentioned, we want your day to be special, and so we will only take on one wedding per day so that you really are the centre of our attention. We can start the day with a stunning wedding breakfast for you and your guests to set the right tones for the day, and then cater for the main event which will go down a treat. If required we also offer evening catering and a fully staffed licensed bar. Our evening stall option adds something a little special to the day and also gives the chance for your guests to sit and relax on conveniently placed couches and chat, or maybe soak up some beer. The choices we provide are always crowd-pleasers, you can’t go wrong with chilli hot dogs and nachos or traditional fish and chips!

Relaxed Elegance

Lavish weddings can be fun and exciting, but so can weddings that take a more laid back approach. Everyone has their own version of relaxed elegance, there isn’t a rulebook to it – with each their own! Family-style dining is a touch that brings people together, passing back and forth over wooden tables, covered with mismatched tablecloths. Our hand-made dessert table options make for a chic picnic party, think white chocolate and honeycomb, vanilla crème brulee with shortbread, black cherry trifle, fresh berries and whipped cream tartlets, laid out for your guests to help themselves, all while people dance barefoot under fairy lights and children setting up picnics on the grass.

Our Partners

We work in partnership with some of Yorkshire’s finest wedding venues, so if you’re still undecided of where the setting of your day shall be, we can help. Our years of experience of  working in the wedding and catering industry means we are confident in recommending these venues in which we have and do cater at; Wentworth Woodhouse, Cannon Hall, Woolas Barn and Lineham Farm. Contact us for more details!

Get In Touch

If this sounds like a bit of you and maybe something you might want for your wedding, get in touch with us today. We pride ourselves on working with Yorkshire locals who supply us with the freshest ingredients that will be on your plates, so you’re guaranteed the best that Yorkshire has to offer!

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